An 80th birthday party – and how you could help

Friday March 31st is set to be a day-long 80th birthday celebration for Sutton Coldfield Library and we need YOUR help to make it go with a swing.

We are looking for 4-6 events to hold during the day and volunteers to lead/run those events.

Perhaps you are in a band / choir who could give a concert at lunch time or after school?

Perhaps you are a storyteller who could do a session for a visiting class during school hours?

Perhaps you are a writer or illustrator and would like to talk about your books?

Maybe you’d love to run a toddler story and craft session?

Perhaps you’d like to give a talk about an aspect of local history?

We’re looking for a varied programme of events – each max 1 hour long. We will support with publicity, admin and however else possible, but for this one-off day we need to rely on goodwill for the actual events. This is your chance to show your support for your library and come together as a community.

We currently have a very small (2 figure) fund in reserve so if you needed to buy some materials to facilitate an event, we might be able to help but would have to deal with requests on a case by case basis.

Events don’t have to be restricted to the ideas mooted above – please suggest anything you feel excited about and could lead on. Please get in touch by Friday 17 March if you’d like to be involved – email Zoe on

NB This event is being planned in co-operation with the library and will take place whatever decision is or isn’t reached by the Town Council and BCC between now and then.

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