My Library Story: Ellen – an education consultant

I am an education consultant who works with independent schools. The independent schools I work with cater to pupils whose needs are such that they cannot cope within mainstream school. Most of these children require 1 to 1 tuition and schools such as these organise delivery of 1 to 1 tuition initially within the child’s local community and gradually support them until they are able to join group learning at school premises. Libraries are the ideal environment for these pupils and their teachers because they offer a quiet environment with access to a wide variety of resources including books, computers and the internet.

Today when we met [Ellen met The Library Lobby petitioning outside Sutton Library last week] I had just finished conducting an observation of teaching and learning at Sutton Coldfield Library – I observed a teacher work with a Year 10 pupil – they were updating her CV using information from a recent reference letter she received after volunteering within her local community. They had just finished an English lesson during which the pupil carried out internet research about recently deceased Fidel Castro, she had also completed a comprehension exercise about Castro and created his fact file using Microsoft Word.

I have been to this library on more than 4 occasions this year for the same reason – to ensure the quality of teaching and learning delivered outside school premises. Schools such as these rely on local libraries like Sutton Coldfield for a suitable environment in which to deliver quality education for children who have been failed by mainstream provision. I have added my name to your petition and I say – Save Sutton’s Library!



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