My Library Story: Gail Paardekooper

About three years ago I was researching some of the history of Sutton Park. I’d been in Sutton Library about an hour digging through the archives. But you know how it is; there’s so much material on so much of Sutton Coldfield’s recent history that you quickly end up side tracked by reading newspaper cuttings and articles from when we were at school, places we hung out that have since had supermarkets built upon them, the park fires of 1976, old school photos and stories, I could go on.

Anyway, just as I was about call it a day, I found an article about Sutton Odeon Cinema from 1987. My mom worked there. And there, in the accompanying photograph was a picture of my mom with her work mates. I was twenty at the time and probably took very little notice of the article coming out.

A few months after this story was published my mom passed away.

By finding this piece of archive material in the library, it kind of felt I was reconnecting with a little bit of my mom’s history, and that moment of discovery meant so much to me.


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