More award winning authors support saving our library service

Alex Wheatle, winner of the 2016 Guardian children’s fiction prize, and Roald Dahl Funny Prize winner Philip Ardagh have both voiced their support for the campaign to keep a library service in Sutton Coldfield.

Alex Wheatle got in touch to say:

“Leave Sutton Coldfield library alone! A library is a service where the public can educate themselves and read about the world. Why would anyone deny that right to the good people of Sutton Coldfield?”

Philip Ardagh commented:

“A public library without paid, qualified staff isn’t actually a library it’s a glorified bookstore. I fully support the campaign to save Sutton Coldfield library service, particularly after the monumental waste of millions of pounds on Birmingham’s unmitigated disaster of a central library. Local people need local libraries. #SaveLibraries”

Alex Wheatle’s novel, Crongton Knights, won the Guardian children’s fiction prize just last week. It is the first major literary award for the 53-year-old author, who published six adult novels before turning to young adult fiction. Philip Ardagh has written more than 100 books including adult fiction and children’s non-fiction but is perhaps best know for his Grubtown Tales.

We’re grateful to Alex and Philip for their support, and hope that it boosts the morale of all those working in Sutton Coldfield library.

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