Save Sutton Coldfield Library Service

Welcome to our community campaign to save Sutton Coldfield town centre library service. We are a group of residents of Sutton Coldfield who have come together with two main aims:

  • to raise awareness of Birmingham City Council’s proposed library cuts, with specific reference to the proposed closure of Sutton Coldfield library
  • to develop a constructive alternative proposal, that would keep a lively, well-resourced, widely used library in the town centre of Sutton Coldfield, including the town archive, free internet access and support for children and families, staffed by library professionals

We are not affiliated to any political party. We welcome everyone who feels they could contribute something towards ensuring a vibrant library service for all in Sutton Coldfield now and in the future.

UPDATE: Whilst the campaign to save the library continues you may also be interested in a new group, FOLIO Sutton Coldfield, which has been set up to support our local public libraries, especially Sutton Coldfield Library. It was born out of the campaign run by The Library Lobby to save Sutton’s central library. This group is not a campaign group. Instead it will have a focus on fundraising and facilitating community events for and in conjunction with our local librarians.